Robustly built shakers, available in several capacities and sizes, from 1,800 kg/h to 32,000 kg/h (4,000 lbs/hr to 70,000 lbs/h). Available in carbon steel construction, steel product contact or all made โ€‹โ€‹of stainless steel. Different frequencies and amplitudes of vibration depending on the desired application: remove sand, remove dirt, dust, sizing and cleaning. Multiple screens available as standard or custom designed. Low maintenance and reliability. Available in combination with aspiration systems, blowing, dust collection, conveying and other pre-cleaning systems, cleaning and sizing of almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios and other nuts.


High performance in a compact design. Sizes or screens the product and aspirate each circuit in a single machine. A classic design by Borrell. Thousands of separators sold in 4 continents. Adjustable movement shaking frequency. Huge types and sizes of screens available 2,3 and 4 levels models. Accurate aspiration, easy adjustment. Option for electrical adjustment, based on pressure and VFD for lower power consumption. High quality of sorting suitable for almonds varieties. Models available for other nuts like hazelnuts, pistachios, peanuts, walnuts and seeds like sunflower kernels. Special versions for recovering & cleaning almond "hush" (wastes) of processing. New high resistant bearings, lower maintenance and higher life cycles. Models of different capacities and performance: from 1,000kg/h to 8,000 kg/h. Available in carbon steel, stainless product contact or all made with stainless steel.


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A perfect scalding is essential and critical for blanching process, to get an efficient and high quality result. We manufacture and supply all kind of scalders for almonds and apricot kernels. We offer models using hot water or steam, traction systems based on screw or paddles/chain system. Full insulation. All stainless steel contact. No plastic parts. No roller-chain. Compact design. The capabilities of the standard models are 1000, 2000, 4000 and 8000 lbs. / h. Automatic operation: Our new devices monitor and control continuously the quality of water, achieving a maximum level of energy efficiency, low water consumption and high quality of the processed product. In California, BORRELL includes an optional program for validation of pasteurization of the product, according to the rules established by the authorities, where available. 


We use the most advanced technology and machinery to manufacture our products. It starts with our heavily invested R&D department combined with tens of years of experience. We have an engineering department that uses the most advanced tools to design the products. Our manufacturing is using the latest technology and the most advanced machinery. We have dedicated experienced and well trained teams. Our solutions incorporate advanced automation which allows better and more accurate results and full control of the processes. BORRELL USA  also offers products and solutions developed with global partners as FAM Cutting Technologies, Cox & Plant, Mettler Toledo, Hydronix, Thermo Ramsey, Ros Tubes, Ibercomp electronics, Donaldson (Air Purification) among  others. These solutions include advanced quality control systems , packaging and continuous scales, metal detectors, moisture detectors, optical and IR analyzers, vacuum packing, automation systems (HMI / SCADA / OPC) and  traceability control software.

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