A short history and some of our customers

M Parise Associates has had the privilege to work with any of the food industries leading brands such as those listed below. We also take great pride in our history and a background of how we have set and followed a vision. 

Our company started when an Engineer from Fresno California realized the potential in optical sorting systems manufactured by BEST Sorting. The company was able to capitalize quickly with his background in the raisin industry. 

MPA helped change the California raisin industry by providing excellent service to companies such as: 

Sun Maid Raisins, Sun Valley Raisins, Sun Sweet Prunes, National Raisin, Boghosian Raisins and more.

The success of laser sorting equipment was increasing rapidly and soon the Nut industry realized the substantial labor reduction and increase in quality provided by the equipment that he was becoming more in tune and familiar with. Working with the leaders in the nut industry both large and small, we revolutionized the sorting in companies like: Blue Diamond Growers, Paramount Farms, Diamond Foods, Crain Walnut, California Nut Company, and more.

With the success in the nut industry came a new partnership with Meyer-Industries who were leaders in material handling and other food processing equipment. Soon MPA was designing and implementing line sorting systems for: Kruger Foods, Omega Walnut, South Valley Almonds, Guittard Chocolates and many current customers. 

With the current success in nuts, MPA teamed up with Borrell USA who are leaders in almond processing equipment such as roasters, blanchers, pasteurizers and also included the hullers and shellers. This added to the current customer base including companies like: Star Nut, Roche Bros and Baugher Ranch Organics.

From nuts we moved onto salads. At the time, the packaged salad boom was just taking off and companies needed a solution to wash baby greens and help detect and remove all defects that were present. Quickly the fresh cut industry realized the potential of the BEST free fall laser sorting platform and soon the industry leaders such as: Earthbound Farms, Taylor Foods, Western Harvest, and more were investing in automation and sorting solutions.

From here, MPA has continued to grow Adding Vanmark Industries to our line opened new doors into the fresh and IQF vegetable processors such as Grimmway, Apio Inc, Kernridge Growers and Chiala Farms.  

Fresh fruit companies such as Dole, Munger Farms, Crown Frozen Foods and Coastal Greens have recently been added the lineup and it continues to grow.

We look forward to adding more leaders on to our list as we feel a great sense of pride in the attention to details and service that we provide. We have a unique edge in our background in engineering, operations management and automation that have provided these customers with the excellent service they deserve..... You deserve the attention!

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