Bin Dumping and Hoppers

Meyer Industries, Inc. is a leader in designing, engineering, and manufacturing food processing and material handling equipment. We are committed to continuous improvement in quality, customer satisfaction, cost and delivery while exceeding the customer’s expectations at every level. Meyer’s experience with Bulk Boxes and their specific handling problems is a culmination of years of proven solutions. Our Patented design and extensive experience in this industry allows us to provide guidance on related issues. From a single piece of equipment to complete processing lines, Meyer provides innovative products and solutions to meet the needs of the Material Handling industry.

Polywash systems

The Polywash™ uses advanced technology for washing and cleaning of fruit, vegetables, leafy products, tubers, roots, seafood, fish, and more. The controlled combination of pressurized water and air injection allows for the ultimate in washing while offering the flexibility of variable dwell times. No moving parts in the washing zone means improved sanitation and safety and reduced maintenance.

Vibratory Conveyors

This conveyor utilizes an efficient vibrated base frame design that delivers consistent sympathetic vibration to the pan through the springs.  The low base to trough weight ratio allows these machines to be cost effective in all stainless steel construction.

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Proven designs and durable construction make SIMPLEX Bucket Elevators the standard for reliable, sanitary bucket conveying. Available in a wide range of sizes, configurations and capacities, all SIMPLEX designs are easily modified to maximize space utilization, reduce cost and enhance process efficiency. Adding to its overall flexibility is the SIMPLEX’s sectional construction, which accommodates easy expansion.

magna weigh 

The Magna Weigh Feeder is a continuous in-line weighing vibratory feeder designed to feed and/or monitor products by weight. It combines the simplicity and cleanliness of a vibratory feeder with the weighing capabilities of a weigh belt.

The Magna Weigh Feeder is superior to volumetric feeders in its ability to compensate automatically for the variations in the bulk densities of products.

Meyer Industries is your single source for bulk material handling and food processing equipment solutions. Meyer manufactures a broad range of bulk material handling equipment, including belt and vibratory conveyorsbucket elevatorshopper-feedersbulk box filling and much more. Meyer-Garroutte, now known as Meyer, provides top-of-the-line food processing equipment, including mix-blend systems, hydrostatic steam blanchers, hydrochillerswashersthawing systems and more.

Meyer Industries provides fast, friendly and fully customized solutions for your specific requirements. Whether you need a single machine or a complex integrated system, Meyer Industries is your material handling and food processing equipment resource.

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